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Cái bàn tiếng Anh là gì?

Cái bàn tiếng Anh là gì?

Đáp án: Table

Phát âm: UK /ˈteɪ.bəl/ US /ˈteɪ.bəl/

Định nghĩa: a flat surface, usually supported by four legs, used for putting things on (một bề mặt phẳng, thường được hỗ trợ bởi bốn chân, được sử dụng để đặt các vật dụng):

  • The people sitting at a table:
    There was a really noisy table behind us celebrating someone’s birthday.
  • a table that you work at in an office
  • to put a cloth, knives, and forks, etc. on the table in preparation for a meal:
    Could you set the table for lunch, please?

Ví dụ:

  • They sat round the dinner table, arguing about politics.
  • He lived in a room with only two chairs, a bed and a table.
  • He came in with four shopping bags and dumped them on the table.
  • Come to the table everybody – supper’s ready.
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