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Ghế tựa tiếng Anh là gì?

Ghế tựa tiếng Anh là gì?

Đáp án: Chair

Phát âm: UK /tʃeər/ – US /tʃer/

Định nghĩa: a seat for one person that has a back, usually four legs, and sometimes two arms (ghế cho một người có lưng, thường là bốn chân và đôi khi là hai tay)

Ví dụ:

  • Don’t tip your chair back like that, you’ll fall.
  • She slumped into the chair, exhausted.
  • The new chairs were covered in protective plastic wrappings.
  • The coat was thrown over the back of the chair.
  • We need a chair for Ian – could you get one from the other room?

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